Used Upright Pianos

Petrof Upright Piano @ £2600

Height: ***cm
Width: ***cm
Depth: **cm
Finishes Mahogany, Poly Finish


...

Welmar Upright Piano @ £2850

Welmar is a name synonymous with quality components and superb craftsmanship.  Pianos manufactured by this firm are reknown for their full, warm, clear tone and this, more recent (1981) instrument is a prime example of this.

The action is in a near perfect condition and in a subtle...Read More...

Obermeier German Upright Piano(Berlin) @ £1850

Our Price = £1850

...


Yamaha C110A ©2002 s/n: C41782 @ £1850

This is a good example of one of Yamaha’s finest compact pianos.  Made in Japan in 2002 with an attractive black polyester finish, it can stand up to the hours of practicing required for students studying for their higher grades, or satisfy the attentions of the more casual player.

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Rippen Cantabile Upright Piano ©1987 s/n 196512 @ £1650

This piano is a Dutch made Rippen upright,  a company known for its inovatations firm.  Their upright pianos  are renowned for their “floating soundboard” which is not glued to the body of the piano in the bass end, allowing for a more resonant tone.

Our ...

Zender (London) @ £1395

Zender pianos were pianos made in London, the majority of which were produced between 1963 and 1993, with the expressed mission to make the smallest 85 note piano possible; to meet the demand created by the issue of ever-decreasing space encountered in many homes in most parts of London.

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Hupfer (Germany) @ £2750

Our Price = £2750 Hire Price – £45/ month

Height: 123cm
Width: 152cm
Depth: 64cm
Finishes: Satin Mahogany
Height: 131cm
Width: 156cm
Depth: 58cm
Finishes Ebony,...

Gors & Kallmann Concerto © 2011 @ £3015

We are pleased to offer a four year old modern Gors & Kallman upright piano.

The exceptional natural sound of the Gors & Kallmann results from the modern construction techniques and quality materials, using a combination of materials and expertise from Germany, Japan and China.<...Read More...

Yamaha MP80N Silent Piano (Japan) 1996 s/n: E262805 @ £1750

We are pleased to have this excellent silent piano available for hire.  This piano is essentially an acoustic piano, with an option (via the flick of a switch) to engage the electronic piano option, which makes the sound only audible through headphones giving the player the ability to play a...Read More...